About Us

Every day, millions of people are adding new listings on classified or index web sites, online business directories, Yellow Pages and marketplaces in order to sell their products and services. Yet, the closing ratio is extremely low due to their inability to affect interactions with prospects in real-time and influence the sale. Yellzz is addressing this need with a mobile proactive solution which enables advertisers to engage with potential customers viewing their listing in real time, by initiating a chat or sending them customised coupons.

Until now, the online conversion optimisation tools to do this were only available to big companies who could process Big Data. Yellzz was set up by experts in customer interaction who saw the proven success of these tools while working to create customer interaction tools for big companies. Their mission is to change the rules of the game, bringing these tools to the world of local search. Yellzz aims to be the gold standard of sales effectiveness solutions, providing direct communication between advertisers and their potential customers, primarily in the classified and index sites, online business directories and marketplaces at the moment of truth when the go/no go decision is made.

Management Team

Moshiko Avlagon
Moshiko AvlagonCEO
Moshe Avlagon brings over 15 years of experience and proven success in leading high tech companies to a global leadership position. Before founding Yellzz, Moshe was Co-Founder and CEO of eglue Business Technologies. Acquired by NICE Systems at 2010, eglue was the world leader of Customer Interaction Management RT solutions. Following the acquisition, Moshe served as VP Business Development RT Impact at Nice. In addition, Moshe has been the Founder/CEO of several startups including Tipyo, VPSign, and B-Mobile. He is a board member of a non-profit educational incubator at Ein Shemer, Israel.
Sharon Mayblum
Sharon MayblumVP Sales & Business Development
Sharon Mayblum brings a wealth of sales and business development experience. Previous positions in the field include; VP Business Development & Sales at Merchantz, a Saas based sales effectiveness and e-commerce platform and CEO and Co-Founder at Exign, providing business development services for Israeli startups.

Sharon has a law degree from the University of Haifa and spent over ten years in private practice. In 2007/2008 she was Director of Business Development and Legal Affairs at eglue.