Initiate. Engage. Convert
Convert interest into a sale


Know when people are
looking at your advert

Tailor coupons or offers
in few seconds

Start a real

All in

Help Your advertisers grow sales with Yellzz.

Here’s how it works:

A new customer
is looking for a service.

Once the customer views the listing, the advertiser
receives a message on their mobile phone stating:

The advertiser can then:

Send a real-time
coupon to the

Initiate a
chat with
the customer

The chat can be customized by
suggested wordings, or open
to the advertiser’s own text.

Chat can be filtered based on the advertiser’s
Rules Of Engagement, and tailored to the 
advertiser’s needs and requests based on:

  • Number of times the customer has looked at the listing
  • Location of the potential buyer (such as distance from the property)
  • Time the customer stayed on the listing page

Customers can also initiate a chat with the advertiser, by clicking a “chat”
button which appears only if the advertiser is available for chat.
An “on-off” button enables the advertiser to close the chat button on the listing
to avoid alerts or chats when unavailable.