Pull and Push Marketing Strategies

The marketing industry, estimated at approximately $560 Billion, is one of the largest and most valuable in the world. Over the last decade we are witnessing a dramatic industry change, as the online marketing is growing, overpowering the rest of the other large medias – and estimated at 38% growing to 45% in 2020 – with companies such as Google and Facebook becoming the richest in the world.

The online industry is divided into two categories: Push Marketing – such as the Google search engine, and Pull Marketing – the online banners. These two are the main marketing methods today, but each contains a definite disadvantage:

Pull Marketing – the advantage is that the advertising is active, contacting the potential customer, while trying to build an interaction leading to conversions. The advertiser meets the customer while he is busy with personal actions (reading posts on Facebook, looking over Instagram pictures or reading an article in the news) and isn’t really looking or interested in any specific products or services.

Push Marketing – the perfect timing – the potential customer is looking for something specific, but the advertising is busy, waiting to be contacted.

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