Welcome to Yellzz. Proactive Customer Engagement

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough just to advertise and hope for the best. If you want to convert customers, you need to be more proactive.  Yellzz takes the lead in lead generation by creating real life, real time interactions with customers. Our unique technology gives advertisers the ability to get real time notifications of visitors who are looking at their advertising and initiate a chat or send them a customized coupon, at the very moment they are looking at products or services. The result: Increased sales and happier advertisers.

Pro-activate  your advertisers

Whether you are an online business directory, marketplace, Yellow Pages, classified or index site, now you can give your advertisers the tools to directly interact with their customers. With Yellzz, advertisers can initiate a real conversation with the customers viewing their ads and easily create customized coupons. Empowering advertisers to convert customer interest into sales, leads to increased satisfaction and higher rankings of your site.

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Increase the number of new
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Increase brand awareness
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